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Block: a Neighborhood or Community

We seek to Register, Educate & Support new voters for their first election & EVERY election!


Register the Vote

Once your voter status has been verified, you become a part of a Block- a  local community for discussion and gatherings both online and IRL. You also have a chance to WIN prizes as we compete with the other Blocks!


the Vote

We will keep you informed of every upcoming election, and will engage your Block in discussions regarding  an array of national and local hot topics. Then we will coordinate with other Blocks and VOTE. Here your engagement can bring real change to your community.


the Vote

Our Team will be simultaneously partnering with those with the resources to help us combat Voter Intimidation and Suppression. Not Voting = Not an Option!

Our partners will keep you going with prizes, promotions and Reinforcements!

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Goal: 100,000 Verified Active Voters 18-24 yrs 

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Think your vote doesn't matter? Then why are they working so hard to suppress it? The future belongs to YOU- the youth, the systematically oppressed, the outcasts, the misfits and the underdogs. We are in this together, so lets claim America as OUR block, a place WE are proud to call home!


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